Selected events in fall 2014

Brian London
Characterizing the oscillatory neural dynamics of voluntary motion
Neurostat seminar
3 Sept 2014

Soren Hauberg
U. of Denmark
Grassmann Averages for Scalable Robust PCA
Neurostat seminar
10 Sept 2014

Quantifying structure in large neural datasets
See link for details.
22-23 Sept 2013

Roy Fox
Hebrew University
Optimal Selective Attention and Action in Reactive Agents
Neurostat seminar
24 Sept 2014

Ran Rubin
Supervised Learning and Support Vectors for Deterministic Spiking Neurons
Neurostat seminar
8 Oct 2014

Dean Freestone
Data-Driven Mean Field Neural Modeling
Neurostat seminar
15 Oct 2014

Will Fithian
Optimal Inference After Model Selection
Neurostat seminar
22 Oct 2014

Vlad Itskov
Penn State
Topological analysis reveals intrinsic structure in neural correlations.
Neurotheory seminar
24 Oct 2014

Sundeep Rangan
Approximate Message Passing for Inference in Generalized Linear Models
Neurostat seminar
5 Nov 2014

Ethan Bromberg-Martin
What does information seeking tell us about reinforcement learning?
Neurostat seminar
12 Nov 2014

Ferran Diego
Identifying Neuronal Activity from Calcium Imaging Sequences
Neurostat seminar
3 Dec 2014

Jose Carmena
UC Berkeley
Large-scale neural circuit dynamics during neuroprosthetic learning
Neurotheory seminar
5 Dec 2014

Moritz Deger
Dynamics and estimation of large-scale spiking neuronal network models
Neurostat seminar
17 Dec 2014

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