Selected events in fall 2015

Mayur Mudigonda
UC Berkeley
Hamiltonian Monte Carlo Without Detailed Balance
Neurostat seminar
15 Oct 2015

Bingni Brunton
Extracting spatio-temporal coherent patterns in large-scale recordings using dynamic mode decomposition
Neurotheory seminar
23 Oct 2015

Konrad Koerding
Cracking the neural code: A cryptography approach to mind reading
Neurotheory seminar
30 Oct 2015

Xuexin Wei
U Penn
Efficient computation in the brain -- two case studies
Neurostat seminar
2 Nov 2015

Andreas Herz
BCCN Munich
Decoding the population activity of grid cells for spatial localization and goal-directed navigation
Neurotheory seminar
6 Nov 2015

Ken Harris
Organization of neuronal population activity in sensory cortex
Neurotheory seminar
9 Dec 2015

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