Selected events in spring/summer 2013

Bin Yu
U.C. Berkeley
Stability in statistical inference
Statistics seminar
28 Jan 2013

Ila Fiete
U.T. Austin
Evidence of a new (exponentially strong) class of population codes in the brain
Neurotheory seminar
1 Feb 2013

Matt Harrison
Incidental parameter problems arising from the analysis of nonstationary neural point processes
Statistics student seminar
6 Feb 2013

Garud Iyengar
Fast first-order augmented Lagrangian algorithms for sparse optimization problems
Neurostat seminar
13 Feb 2013

David Blei
Stochastic variational inference
Neurostat seminar
27 Feb 2013

Cristina Savin
Correlations strike back (again): the case of auto-associative memory recall.
Special seminar
12 Mar 2013

Arian Maleki
Minimax image denoising via anisotropic nonlocal means
Neurostat seminar
13 Mar 2013

Volker Pernice
Correlations and connectivity in populations of neurons
Neurostat seminar
27 Mar 2013

Jon Pillow
U.T. Austin
Beyond Barlow: a Bayesian theory of efficient neural coding
Neurotheory seminar
5 Apr 2013

Larry Carin
Multichannel Electrophysiological Spike Sorting via Joint Dictionary Learning and Mixture Modeling
Statistics seminar
8 Apr 2013

Attila Losonczy
Functional imaging of hippocampal microcircuits in behaving mice
Neurostat seminar
10 Apr 2013

Kresimir Josic
U. of Houston
Measuring and interpreting correlated neuronal responses
Neurotheory seminar
19 Apr 2013

David Greenberg
MPI Tubingen
Accurate Optical AP Detection During "Natural" Behavior: Two Inference Problems
Neurostat seminar
24 Apr 2013

Christian Machens
Champalimaud Foundation
Efficient coding and balanced networks: a unification
Neurotheory seminar
17 May 2013

Lars Buesing
Dynamical System Models for Characterizing Multi-Electrode Recordings of Cortical Population Activity
Neurostat seminar
22 May 2013

Jonathan D. Victor
Weill Cornell Medical College
How high-order image statistics shape cortical visual processing
Neurotheory seminar
24 May 2013

Daryl Hochman
Optical Imaging Data Acquired From the Human Brain
Neurostat seminar
29 May 2013

Maneesh Sahani
Inferring latent dynamical state from ensemble neuronal activity
Neurotheory seminar
7 June 2013

Mike Shadlen
Firing rate autocorrelation as a signature of noisy evidence accumulation
Neurostat seminar
12 June 2013

Qi Wang
Reading and Writing the Neural Code: Initial Steps toward Engineered Sensory Percepts
Neurostat seminar
24 July 2013

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