Selected events in spring 2015

Surya Ganguli
Stanford University
Towards a theory of single trial neural data analysis
Neurotheory seminar
20 Feb 2015

Scott Linderman
Discovering latent structure in neural spike trains with negative binomial generalized linear models
Neurostat seminar
18 Mar 2015

Dima Rinberg
Concentration invariant odor identity coding
Neurotheory seminar
20 Mar 2015

Il Memming Park
Stony Brook University
Dynamic correlations between visual and decision areas during perceptual decision-making
Neurotheory seminar
27 Mar 2015

Pieter Abbeel
UC Berkeley
Machine learning and optimization for robotics
Neurotheory seminar
3 Apr 2015

Markus Meister
Neural computations in the retina: from photons to behavior
Neurotheory seminar
17 Apr 2015

Thomas Serre
Brown University
Towards a system-level theory of computation in the visual cortex
Neurotheory seminar
1 May 2015

James DiCarlo
Neural mechanisms underlying visual object recognition
Neurotheory seminar
15 May 2015

Florian Engert
Harvard University
Modular neural circuit architecture for optic flow processing in the larval zebrafish
Neurotheory seminar
22 May 2015

Kishore Kuchibhotla
Synaptic and circuit logic of task engagement in auditory cortex
Neurostat seminar
17 June 2015

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