Selected events in spring 2016

Xinyi Deng
Real-time Estimation of Hippocampal Replay Content
Neurostat seminar
12 Jan 2016

Byron Yu
Carnegie Mellon University
Internal models for interpreting neural population activity during sensorimotor control
Neurotheory seminar
12 Feb 2016

Srini Turaga
Computational methods to enable anatomic reconstruction of neural circuits
Neurotheory seminar
19 Feb 2016

Christian Machens
Learning to represent signals spike by spike
Neurotheory seminar
15 Apr 2016

Alex Vaughan
Categorical representations of decision-variables in orbitofrontal cortex
Neurostat seminar
19 Apr 2016

Yoshua Bengio
Bridging the gap between deep learning and neuroscience
Neurotheory seminar
29 Apr 2016

Shizhe Chen
Graphical modeling of time-course data
Neurostat seminar
10 May 2016

Vic Solo
U. New South Wales
System identification of point process networks
Neurostat seminar
10 May 2016

Matt Golub
Population-level changes in neural activity during learning
Neurostat seminar
17 May 2016

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